Unicorn Birthday party

My best friend was planning her daughter’s first birthday party and after bouncing off some ideas, we gladly chose a unicorn theme. Immediately we had tons of ideas, then we had to narrow down what we could actually do for her one year old with the time we had left.

I started my own skin care business A little bit ago and make my own soaps and lotions. My friend wanted me to incorporate those into the party favors. So I made unicorn poop soap and unicorn jars filled with watermelon scented lotion. With any left over soap, I used it in my star molds. They came out oh so cute and it was a nice addition on the unicorn spread.

Rainbow unicorn poop soap

I am most proud of how the unicorn jars turned out. We made them out of baby food jars.

Unicorn jars

The food was all themed around rainbows and unicorns. Such a fun project making rainbow cupcakes with unicorn topping and unicorn bark. For the healthier option we had a fruit And veggie plate that was arranged like a rainbow. Even unicorn bugles.

Rainbow cupcake
Fruit and veggie rainbow
Unicorn bark
unicorn Bugles