Mermaid Party

When my best friend found out she was having a girl, we almost immediately wanted to start planning a baby shower. There was never another theme in mind, we were so excited and planned it for months. Most of my friends had boys and even though boys are awesome, we just wanted to go overboard for being so girly.

Food has always been a passion of mine and my cupcakes are usually a top request from friends, family and coworkers. I have always been pretty crafty, so I am always down to experiment making new goodies. Since the theme was mermaid, the goal was to find food that would have names from the sea.

When hosting a party, junk food is usually what is used in most cases. Since we were doing a baby shower, tailored for adults, I tried to offer more healthy options. Using carrot sicks as “crab legs,” grapes on a skewer for “coral” and spinach tortillas for the “seaweed wraps.” But of course you can’t have a party without sweets. My famous Almond Buttercream cupcakes were a hit, as usual. But the surprise was the candy “sea glass” goody bags, with everything inside was edible even the “sand.”

For the table display, I found some really pretty teal serving plates as well as a teal cupcake stand. I also used a decorative fishing let to drape the table with and real shells to line the netting.

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